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2008-12-11 17:44:56 by VannillaBear

Started an art thread for my pictures.
Im pretty inexperienced atm but i dont think my stuffs pretty good ^_^

Bear's Art Thread

I wanna wacom D:


Story Project

2008-12-11 17:38:50 by VannillaBear

I dont really think writing is my calling XD but this is my attempt at a Dr Seuss-ish type thing

Of course! Now i can see what you see
An amazing insight into what could be!
"well this is just me..." said the girl with the bee
With a twinkle in her eyes, and a spring in her step.
We charged out the door, now we were free!

"Nope we still ain't free" said she with the bee
"Do you see that thing upon the cliff?..."
"I think i do", i said with glee
It was the free and it spoke to me
"Come up the cliff and have a sniff"

Strange i thought but hey,
the girl thought it was okay
up we climbed, higher and higher
the sky grew dark, the weather was dire
at the top, i held my breath
i could smell the scent of death..

I was scared
the girl just stared
the free whispered,
"there'd be no one spared"
The girls body fell,
what a terrible smell
the free took her soul,
and it swallowed her whole.

Rooted to the spot in fear
it free sneered, "the end is near"
and as it touched me, everything was clear
Of course. Now i can see what you see.
An terrible insight into what could be.


2008-12-09 11:10:48 by VannillaBear

I thought i should post something just for the hell of it...